Alliance Services:

As you very well know, the electronic design & mechanical engineering industry is a constant tide of project ebb & flows.  In times of peak demand, it is common for a company such as yours to get overloaded and either source an in-house contractor or service bureau.  That’s great, but it takes time to interview contractors through contract agencies, you never seem to get the same guy twice (which is always an unknown variable), and project management holds you to aggressive schedules based on your previous performance.  You know, the project that you worked all that overtime on just to meet the schedule and now the bar is set to meet that same schedule on the next project!  Alliance PCB Solutions & Alliance-3D can help you get through those peaks without the unknowns associated with contractors and some service bureaus.

Think of Alliance PCB Solutions as an extension of your current workforce that can be called upon as needed, without the daunting task of getting req’s approved for temporary software licensing, hardware, I/T support & facility space!

Alliance-3D is a Direct Digital Manufacturing service, providing 3D Print Farm Services.  Visit the Alliance-3D page to learn more about how we can assist you in bringing your design concept to reality! [Click Here For More]

“We don’t just design PCB’s – We build Alliances….”

Tools & Support:

Schematic Capture Toolsets:

  • Ultra-Librarian
  • OrCAD-Capture CIS (Cadence)
  • Altium

PCB Layout Toolsets:

  • OrCAD-PCB / Allegro (Cadence)
  • Altium
  • Autocad – Commonly used for drafting Drill & Trim Drawings, PCB Level Assembly Drawings and creating complex board geometries / shapes and creating complex component outlines such as connectors, Optical devices – lasers, modulators, etc.

Mechanical Design Tools:

  • Autocad
  • Fusion-360
Library Development

EDA Library Development

  • Logic Symbol Creation
  • IPC Compliant Footprint Creation
  • Customer Specific Library Development
  • 3D Model Creation / Mapping
Engineering Support

Schematic Capture

  • Schematic Capture per customer supplied sketches.
  • Schematic Editing.
  • Property Editing for packaging / netlisting.
  • OrCAD Capture-CIS
  • Altium

Direct Digital Manufacturing

3D Design & Direct Digital Manufacturig

  • 3D Design Model Design
  • 3D Prototypes
  • Print to Order
  • Scaled Manufacturing Runs
PCB Layout Services

PCB Layout Engineering

  • Flex / Rigid-Flex / Rigid PCB Design
  • Power Supplies
  • RF
  • Analog
  • HI-Speed Digital
  • Multi-Layer
  • Mixed Technologies
  • Interposers
  • HDMI
Detail Fab Drawing

Working Drawings

  • PCB Fabrication Drawings
  • SMT Assembly Drawings

(Native EDA or Autocad Format)


CAM Validation

  • Gerber File Review
  • ODB++ File Review
  • DFF Review
  • DFA Review


EMS Support

  • Prototype Support
  • NPI Support

Electronic Engineering Support

PCB Design Engineering is our core business; we can provide Logic Engineering (EE), Signal Integrity Analysis (SI), Power Distribution Network Analysis (PDN), Mechanical Engineering and Thermal Analysis support through our Alliance network.

Beyond Design....

In addition to logical and physical design support, Alliance PCB Solutions can assist in the fabrication and assembly process.

Although the initial design may be complete, the product development cycle is not...

Once a design is approved for release, we can assist your team with technical Q & A often associated with fabrication suppliers and / or assembly suppliers during new product introduction (NPI).

Alliance PCB Solutions