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Alliance PCB Solutions Tops The List in Flex-2-Fit Face Challange Sponsored By America Makes and National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining

Vader Masks

Primary Challenge Objective: Design a universal fit face mask that conforms to any users face, not allowing for any air pathways other than through the filter element. With nearly with nearly 600 entrants Alliance PCB Solutions took top honor; competing amognst teams from Carnegie Mellon University and National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) to name a few.

Additional requirements included designing a mask that was to be manufactured 100% using 3D print technology, ease of print, ease of assembly and ease of use.  With less than 5-days to design / develop / print and test the viability of the mask,

  • Alliance PCB Solutions fulfilled the challange.

Armed with five different head scan models for reference, Alliance PCB Solutions determined common features were represented in each of the models provided and leveraged the common data points to create the initial contour.

A combination of rigid and flexible 3D print materials were utilized to create the final product.  The front uses a flexible and stretchable 3D print material that stretches over the replaceable filter element, similar to a cell phone skin cover.

The “Face Cup” also uses Ninja Flex.  It was contoured by meshing multiple head scan models for a common contour, but yet still allows for additional flexibility to further contour to end users face.

All elements form an air-tight seal, so no compromised pathways.
The mask assembles in 30-seconds, completely reusable after cleaning & filter replacement.

No support structure required for 3D printing and no post-process time required.

Multiple attachment methods.

Filter element for the purpose of this challenge – P95 respirator filter refill commonly found at any hardware store in the paint section.

More details on the challange can be found on America Makes website at:


Alliance PCB Solutions Assists MUSC & The Citadel in 3D Printing of S.A.F.E. Mask Hepa Filter Emergency Respirator.

Alliance PCB Solutions / Alliance-3D utilizes its in-house 3D FDM printers typically used to support its engineering customers for printing electronic enclosures, brackets and rapid prototyping of mechanical parts to support The Citadel Military College and Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and the “Citadel Mask Makers”

We were able to produce three different size masks and all components related to the Hepa filter Adaptive Cartridge system for fifteen mask sets in less than 72 hours.

Alliance PCB Solutions will continue to support this effort in connection with COVID-19 to support Citadel Military College & MUSC indefinitely in parallel to our continued PCB Designer support.



Incorporated in April of 2020, Alliance-3D was formed to bridge the gap in domestic manufacturing and rapid prototype development via Direct Digital Manufacturing. (ie.. 3D Printing).

Be it One-off prototypes, low volume, medium volume and even high volume production not conducive for traditional manufacturing methods. - Direct Digital Manufacturing is an excellent choice for product itteration for R&D teams looking to realize their product viability at a reasonable cost.

Who Benefits?
Large and small companies alike, in addition to freelance engineers / designers / makers and academia can all benefit from Direct Digital Manufacturing.

Direct Digital Manufacturing is extremely agile.  The ability to run a single object one moment or turn the entire line of 3D printers to run a batch of parts to be completed within hours is certainly within the capabilities.   Above and beyond running a single print per printer in a batch run, part models may be nested within the print bed area to further increase production volumes exponentially.

The beauty of Direct Digital Manufacutring allows for multiple design itterations and scaled volume manufacturing without the added cost and delays associated with CNC machining or tooling of molds.  As demand increases for your part, no addtiional tooling is required to increase volumes.  In turn, parts can be printed on demand to match volumes needed.

Simplistic in looks but...
Packed full of technology with OUTSTANDING resolution!



One of the most well known work horse machines in the industry, Prusa Mk3S machines are rubost in the FFF / FDM world of additive manufacturing, capable of producing working parts in an array thermoplastics available.


Prusa Mk3S Build Volume:  25 x 21 x 21 cm  (9.84" x 8.3" x 8.3")


An all captive machine, fully capable of multple materials including PLA / ABS / PETG / Nylon / TPU and excellent for NinjaFlex!


Fablicator-FM1 Build Volume:  7" cubed (7"x7"x7")

Next Steps...

For Direct Digital Manufacturing support - Please email

Tel: 843-800-0530
Alternate: 410-591-8945